Garage fitted a nsr new caliper for MOT a year ago, since when handbrake has been very poor. Not excessive lever travel.

2003 Ford Galaxy 1.9tdi
Car: Ford Galaxy
Year: 2003
Variant: 1.9tdi
Categories: Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres
Car failed MOT 2 years ago for poor nsr handbrake.
It failed again last year & a new caliper was fitted, but handbrake still very poor.
Lever travel was adjusted up, so not too much lever movement.
Problem added: Dec 2, 2023 (3 months ago)
You got to strip down and cleaned out rear pads , check all moving freely / sliding in calliper , lubricate touching points as needed , check h/ brake cable and h/ brake linkage is not seized or sticking and operating as it should , then rebuild
Answered Dec 2, 2023 (3 months ago)

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