Ford Galaxy Recalls

The latest recalls ordered by most recent recall date

The ecall feature will stop functioning due to a malfunction

Recalled on 29th of July, 2022

Affects builds between Feb 4, 2022 and Feb 4, 2022

A number of vehicles fitted with adaptive headlamps will not display a warning message

Recalled on 23rd of June, 2022

Affects builds between Nov 9, 2018 and Apr 25, 2022

Vehicles may have an issue with the current software that contols the funtionality of the ecall system

Recalled on 21st of May, 2021

Affects builds between Jul 15, 2019 and Feb 12, 2021

The rear suspension toe link could corrode over time leading to reduced material and load capacity and finally breakage of the bolt

Recalled on 22nd of February, 2021

Affects builds between Jan 20, 2015 and Feb 18, 2020

Takata air bag inflator may rupture on deployment

Recalled on 30th of October, 2020

Affects builds between Jan 5, 2006 and Feb 28, 2017

Potential battery acid leakage around negative terminal

Recalled on 29th of August, 2019

Affects builds between Feb 13, 2014 and Feb 11, 2019

Overheating of the engine cylinder head may cause the cylinder head to crack

Recalled on 14th of June, 2019

Affects builds between Jun 2, 2010 and Dec 20, 2014

Vehicle could suffer clutch pressure plate fracture

Recalled on 22nd of February, 2019

Affects builds between Jul 7, 2016 and Apr 18, 2018

Possible low torque condition with the air conditioning clutch fastener

Recalled on 7th of November, 2018

Affects builds between Sep 1, 2014 and Apr 20, 2018

Clutch pressure plate may fracture

Recalled on 16th of July, 2018

Affects builds between Aug 1, 2013 and Jun 30, 2016

Clutch pressure plate may fracture

Recalled on 16th of July, 2018

Affects builds between Aug 1, 2009 and Dec 31, 2014

Oil sump may crack due to the engine overheating

Recalled on 12th of March, 2018

Affects builds between May 25, 2015 and Oct 19, 2015

Headlamps may switch off without warning

Recalled on 20th of June, 2016

Affects builds between Oct 6, 2014 and Feb 8, 2016

Fire may occur

Recalled on 13th of September, 2013

Affects builds between Jan 12, 2012 and Feb 11, 2013

Headlights and indicators may malfuntion

Recalled on 18th of May, 2011

Affects GALAXY

Panoramic roof panel may detach

Recalled on 14th of December, 2010

Affects GALAXY

Hard brake pedal may occur during engine warm up

Recalled on 21st of May, 2009

Affects builds between Nov 1, 2008 and Mar 12, 2009

Abs may not function correctly

Recalled on 9th of April, 2009

Affects GALAXY

Glass roof panel may detach

Recalled on 12th of March, 2008

Affects builds between Sep 27, 2006 and Oct 5, 2006

In low ambient temperature hard brake pedal may occur

Recalled on 5th of December, 2007

Affects builds between Nov 2, 2005 and Dec 30, 2006