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Wont start

Just put brand new engine with brand new injectors but engine won't start at all .battery is fine starter motor is turn the engine but not fire up . Any advice on it Thank u .

2016 19 td
Posted: Jun 19, 2022
Changed battery now windows stopped working fuses ok no power to the switch

Windows don't work no power getting to up and down switch changed fuses

2009 1.3 multi jet
Posted: Apr 6, 2022
How to change the thermostat

Once my 2006 Doblol 1.4 engine does app.35 miles in winter management light comes on ,temperature gage stops working but comes back on after a few miles in summer this happens after 70 miles ,Managent...

2006 Doblo
Posted: Feb 1, 2022
Electrical fault to Dashboard

The dashboard has no lights. Electric windows not working. Radio/CD is live. Ignition light comes on . Clock is live but disappears if I try to adjust it. Dashboard has been tested and is functioning ...

2007 Multijet
Posted: Mar 16, 2021
Heater blower not working

hi my fan isn't working even on high I changed the resistor no effect,checked the fuse checked the plugs even tried looping the earth wire across the plug,if I earth the fan it works could it be the s...

Posted: Jul 18, 2017
Blown fuse on dashboard

Every time I turn the engine off the fuse blows for the dashboard so I have to change the fuse all the time

2005 1.9 jtd
Posted: Jan 24, 2016
Drivers door lock

drivers door locks when i close it from outside

2011 1.3 multijet
Posted: Feb 18, 2015
Will not start well

my fiat doblo will turn over ok but will not start that well had new relay - glow plugs no fault showing will start sometimes after about 5 mins of trying other times not at all

2002 elx jtd
Posted: Jul 14, 2014
Rear lights on both side intermittently do not work

Rear light clusters do not work all the time, seems to be bad connections. Can the plastic connector blocks on the wiring loom be replaced and is it a manufacturers part only?

2006 Van 1.9
Posted: Apr 26, 2013
I think some pro"B with t/chain,

just got this van, the guy told me, he thinks the trouble may be with the t/chain, like its jumped, if some one can help in any way, ie is it a big job. what parts do i need, to sort it out. thanks.

2005 1.3
Posted: Aug 5, 2012
Fuel gauge stuck

I filled up the petrol tank to three parts full and have noticed the petrol gauge is not going down although I have done about 50 miles. As time goes by, I am worried about running out of petrol What...

2007 1.4 petrol
Posted: Apr 17, 2012
Wont start

just had new ecu and keys coded a week ago but has starded to play up again, any ideas

2005 19 td
Posted: Apr 10, 2012
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