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Red light in the center of the dash, flashes until doors are unlocked

After Parking up and all doors locked, a red light in the center of the dash, the button that controls the inside doors locks, flashes until doors are unlocked

2004 Desire
Posted: Oct 13, 2021
Heat gauge light comes on

Took thermostat out and from time to time the heat gauge lights comes on with alarm but can still open coolant bottel without any problem,does have two sensors a two pin and a one pin how can i test t...

2004 1.4
Posted: Sep 23, 2021
Change spark plugs

Cannot remove the ignition coils to gain access to the spark plugs.

2013 1.6
Posted: Sep 3, 2021
Service light stays on

Vehicle had recent service but service spanner won't switch off

2009 Picasso 1.4
Posted: Aug 30, 2021
Loud whirring noise when accelerating.

No warning lights on dashboard. Car driving well.

2011 VTR+
Posted: Aug 27, 2021
Had new exhaust done and it still can her bowling form the engine

Had a new exhaust done to the car has sound like it was bowling from the front got back and it still sound it bowling from under neath the car

2013 1.2 VTR
Posted: Aug 13, 2021
Battery warning light on

Battery warning light comes on and beeps, It has a new battery. It has just had a service and MOT too.

2011 Don’t know
Posted: Aug 7, 2021
Citronc3vtr anti pollution light comes on and engine loses power

car drives for awhile then the anti pollution light comes on and the car will not accelerate properly to

2007 1.6 petrol
Posted: Jul 28, 2021
Acceleration problem

2021 c3 Shine Pack, After having driven for half a hour there is a problem with the acceleration. I stopped on red lights and when it’s turning green light the accelerator takes time before will run...

2021 Shine
Posted: Jul 27, 2021
Had a new battery put my key in ignitions all light on then cut off car won't start at all .my key fob is damaged could this be a reason to why the car won't start if it not recognisein my key as the board on fob it not covered

Car just cut out when driving had a new battery fitted it semi automatic .put key in all light are Cummings up cause car won't start light go off .my key fob is damaged I can press button to lock it...

2005 1.6 exclusive
Posted: Jun 21, 2021
The injectors only open once and the car won't start

The engine just switched off while I was driving at about 40km/h. I thought it was my clutch balancing that turned it off, but to my surprise the car wouldn't start since then, but does turn over. I'v...

2009 1.4i
Posted: Jun 14, 2021
Manual sequential gear change mode

2003 Citroen C3 SX, Automatic, can not engage manual sequential gear change mode, put in to D works fine with no problems at all. put in to M will just carry on in D.

2003 1.4, SX
Posted: Jun 6, 2021
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