Citroen C2 Ignition Coil Problems

Problems mentioning the Ignition Coil on the Citroen C2
Car will not start just cranking

I was driving into a car park and upon turning around the oil light came on the engine management came on and the car would not star at all from there. I had the car towed back home, I checked every s...

2003 1.1 petrol
Posted: Aug 21, 2018

Warning on dashboard; engine runs erratically and does not switch off when I switch off the ignition switch-keeps on running.

2004 vtr
Posted: May 28, 2020
Citreonc2 engine cranks over but wont start. no electrice to ,lights wipers indecators

seems that there is no electrical flow to engine, lights, washers ,wipers, indicaters central locking works , was wondering if fault lies with alarm system.

2008 1.4 petrol
Posted: Jun 13, 2021
Immobilizer stuck on

Key fob is not working checked battery ok, programed it still no central lock ing working. Open manullay and still immobilizer stays on. The lock barrel seems a bit iffy! Would a lock barrel off an...

2005 Sx
Posted: Jul 17, 2021
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