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Key fob doesn't work

Just stopped locking and unlocking the car. Replaced the battery and did the reset. Still doesn't work.

2007 C2 by Loeb
Posted: Jul 25, 2022
Cannot open the passenger door from the inside or outside, and the fob only opens the boot.

The key fob only opens the boot, so have to unlock drivers door with the key in lock. But the fob will lock the drivers door and boot together. Cannot in anyway unlock or open the passenger door. Have...

2004 1.4 furio
Posted: Mar 29, 2022

hard left too easy right

2006 sx 1.4
Posted: Mar 19, 2022
Every so often after switching off the engine on my c2 gt and restarting after a few minutes it starts but runs erratically and has no power. If I leave it for 5 to 10 minutes it starts and runs normally. Any ideas?

Occasional problems with rough running when engine is hot. Only seems to occur when restarting after a few minutes of being switched off. If I leave it for 5 minutes or so it starts and runs as normal...

2004 GT
Posted: Mar 17, 2022
Unable to change settings on dashboard display

Display that would show time,and other information only shows MPG and even that is incorrect

2007 1.2
Posted: Jan 20, 2022
Oil in coolant

Car broke down last night. I’m not sure if it’s cam belt or a engine fail. Last year I was told the head gasket was on its way out but no milky oil or any symptoms. I’m at a standstill what’s ...

2008 1.1 vibe
Posted: Jan 11, 2022
Car won't start no ignition lights coming on just radio display lights up saying eco mode then sometimes it says brake fault tried jump leads but still nothing this is a c2 vtr 1.4 petrol

Took car into garage to have back-light swith replaced was fine for a day. Then went to start it and won't start, can't even open the door with keys.

2004 1.4 vtr
Posted: Jan 9, 2022
Hazard lights

Hazards come on when parked n locked no alarm just lights

2006 Sx
Posted: Dec 8, 2021
Wont start

Hi, when driving the other night, the car lost power on accelerating, then cut out all together, I came to a stand still and the car would not start, ended up getting towed home. So what happens now i...

2004 C2 1.1 Petrol
Posted: Dec 7, 2021
Clutch pedal not changing gear

Started my citreon c2 and put into 2nd gear then felt a ping under the cluch pedal, its now got no power and clutch is slipping. is this the clutch cable?

2009 VT
Posted: Sep 22, 2021
Limp home mode-relay to throttle body seized(low voltage reading)

car wont rev&heater fan on constantly.have replaced throttle body&engine bay fuseboard,but above error message still reading on scanner

2007 14 desire
Posted: Sep 18, 2021
Idling goes up and down when breaks are used or handbreak is up?

Idling goes up and down when breaks are used or handbreak is up?

2004 Vtr
Posted: Sep 7, 2021
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