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The new Astra is more practical and comfortable than ever, packed with innovative tech and boasting class-leading aerodynamics.
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2005 1.6 twinpot
May 25, 2020
2016 1.6 CDTI
May 23, 2020
2007 Astra Sri Cdti 150
Apr 2, 2020
2005 1.8 sxi
Feb 29, 2020
1 response
2015 ecoflex 1.6cdti
Dec 31, 2019
Vauxhall Astra Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: John Holland, Essex

6/ 10

Have 1.4T SRI 5D hat. Car goes well when pushed but fuel consumption much higher than advertised. Needs a good burst of throttle to get away from standstill sometimes or else it stalls. Sport seats on this version good. Ride quality good and quiet. Software and engine management systems rubbish. Engine cooling fan runs in winter for no apparent reason. Complained to V/H who stated that the man who designed this was not around but everything was in order! Remote window closing on key fob does not work despite what it says in manual because of 'safety reasons', but reportedly does work if you have the Elite version with 4 electric windows.'Exceptional audio performance' can only have been judged by someone stone deaf. Supposed to be 7 band graphic equaliser but I can find only 3. Trip computer average fuel consumption sets to 0 then starts from 35.3mpg? Brakes feel spongy as if air in system. Electronic handbrake seems quaint at first but then you wish for the good old manual one. Rear number plate light comes on when you open the hatch and stays on for about 30 seconds after it is closed. Why? One good thing,can turn off the stupid EU daytime running lights despite this should not be possible. Automatic oil renewal indication could be a liability as far as warranty is concerned if the oil isn't changed on time. Mine says 25% remaining life and the car has only done 6k. Plenty of backlash in drive train. Car built in Poland not UK. Buy VW.

Name: John Holland
Location: Essex

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Astra Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Vauxhall Astra Recalls
Affects builds between Aug 25, 2016 and Dec 1, 2016
Recalled on Mar 17, 2017
Affects builds between Jul 19, 2016 and Nov 9, 2016
Recalled on Dec 28, 2016
Affects builds between May 19, 2009 and Apr 15, 2011
Recalled on Mar 4, 2016
Affects builds between May 19, 2009 and Apr 15, 2011
Recalled on Mar 4, 2016
Affects builds between May 19, 2009 and Apr 15, 2011
Recalled on Mar 4, 2016
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