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Vauxhall Recalls
Model: VIVARO C recalled on: Jul 7, 2021
The rear spring centraliser might be welded incorrectly
Model: MOKKA recalled on: Jun 30, 2021
The bolts and nuts of the control arms might be incorrectly tightened
Model: GRANDLAND X recalled on: Jun 9, 2021
The rear wheel hub shock absorber and brake caliper are possibly not tightened according to specification
Model: MOVANO B recalled on: Jun 9, 2021
The right rear brake calliper might not be built to specification
Model: MOVANO B recalled on: May 28, 2021
A fuel leak may occur due to a chafing condition between the fuel feed hose and the camshaft cover
Model: INSIGNIA B recalled on: May 14, 2021
The brake pedal box is not assembled according to specifications
Model: COMBO E recalled on: Apr 23, 2021
It may not be possible to engage the handbrake lever
Model: ASTRA K recalled on: Apr 8, 2021
Incorrect tightening of the rear wheel hub bolts
Model: GRANDLAND X recalled on: Mar 26, 2021
Vehicles may have an engine cooling radiator air intake module sealing baffle missing
Model: GRANDLAND X recalled on: Mar 16, 2021
Vehicles may be fitted with a non conform accessory trailer hitch
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