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2009 1.6
May 18, 2020
2002 1.8 auto
May 15, 2020
2009 1.6
Apr 24, 2020
2010 1.6 design
Apr 15, 2020
2009 1.6
Apr 1, 2020
Vauxhall Zafira Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

7/ 10

We had a zafira for 6 months but had to change due to the fact that the engine kept going into emergency mode, apparently this fault would reoccurr so we decided to change back to a toyota avensis. I was disappointed because i loved the car but couldn't take the risk of that emergency mode kicking in as i would be overtaking, very dangerous, this did happen once too often.

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

9/ 10

great car 1.9cdti(150) good performance ,economony 35mpg running around
45mpg on runs at 70 mph plus !! 27 to 30 towing
we have now done 10000 miles no problems car is 08 plate and has now done 22000 miles
brilliant design superior to earlier model in every way except seating position to car like i preferred more upright on previous model
sport button would better if you could leave it on permanently only a minor irritation!
highly recommended

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Zafira Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Vauxhall Zafira Recalls
Affects builds between Aug 25, 2016 and Dec 1, 2016
Recalled on Mar 17, 2017
Affects builds between Apr 13, 2016 and Apr 19, 2016
Recalled on Jul 11, 2016
Affects builds between Feb 10, 2005 and Oct 24, 2014
Recalled on May 28, 2016
Affects builds between Feb 10, 2005 and Oct 24, 2014
Recalled on Dec 14, 2015
Affects builds between Nov 16, 2009 and Mar 24, 2010
Recalled on May 19, 2010
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