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Spannerlight on cdti 1.7 no obd2 fault codes

spanner light on all the time ,car runs fine just been serviced .no faults on reader. mechanics say its not a problem as it has been serviced and its just one of those things

2010 1.7 cdti ecoflex
Posted: Nov 30, 2021
Having a problem getting 3rd gear it seems to slip then bite really hard when changing from 2nd to 3rd it's a 10 plate auto

If I pull away at a junction a bit quickly it jumps between 2nd and 3rd gear it will not go in straight away then bites really sharply doesn't do it in any other gear

2010 I.9 tdi diesel
Posted: Nov 23, 2021
Zafira A no fuel pump until cranking begins. Normal?

Problem cold starting. The fuel pump runs car drives beautifully, pressure 3.8 Bar. Overnight pressure drops to zero. next morning, ignition on and no fuel pressure . on cranking the pump starts but...

2004 Z1.6XE
Posted: Nov 17, 2021
Won't start, no ignition lights or power.

Started car up drove around 2 miles noticed the letter 'F' on the top right hand corner of dashboard display for radio & then noticed the headlights were on, but the light switch was in the off posit...

2009 1.6 petrol
Posted: Nov 13, 2021
When I press Config, Phone settings does not appear as an option

Trying to connect phone without success

2013 Tourer 2.0 CDTi SE
Posted: Nov 12, 2021
My dipped beam headlights won't work fuses are good bulbs are good main beam working fine

all my headlights where working fine the next time I used my car and turned the headlights there was no dipped beam I have checked the fuses and the bulbs and they are all good main beam is in full wo...

2011 1.7cdti
Posted: Nov 6, 2021
My Petrol 1.6 2010 registered Zafira always fails to start on the first turn of key, but guaranteed to start every time on second turn.. any ideas please?

Every time in the morning particularly, so from cold the car will never start with the first turn of the key, but turn the key again and it always starts. Question is why won't it start the first time...

2010 1.6
Posted: Oct 30, 2021
2006 Zafira B brake switch indication.

Hi, I have a 2006 Zafira B. When I switch on the car to position 2 there is no problem. If I press ther brake pedal for longer than two or three seconds and release then I get a brake switch faulty in...

2006 1.9TD
Posted: Oct 24, 2021
Engine Temperature

Engine temperature not rising to normal level. Water pump and belt has been replaced.

2003 2.0L Diesel.
Posted: Oct 23, 2021
Brake Lights stay on on engine start.

Cannot cure tried new bulbs, fuses, brake switches x3 and removed and cleaned the fuse box under the bonnet.

2008 1.9 diesel
Posted: Oct 20, 2021
My dashboard is showing F signs

The automatic gear is not moving to neutral

2009 1.8 life
Posted: Oct 16, 2021
Just changed gearbox and clutch was driving find then all of a sudden no drive or years can anyone advise please thanks

Got no drive when put in gear did have then all of a sudden stopped driving had a little pop round the no drive

2013 1.6 petrol
Posted: Sep 30, 2021
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