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Heater not working

Some days it won’t work but eventually it’ll come on

2013 2.0 ecoflex
Posted: Oct 30, 2023
Heated seats turn themselves on; all 4 windows opened by them selves yesterday; intermittent wipers went to full speed by themselves.

Heated seats turn themselves on at random but usually when first start the engine. The 4 windows opened by themselves after I left car for 2 hours. The intermittent wipers suddenly went into double sp...

2019 Elite estate
Posted: Oct 23, 2023
Rear nearside footwell soaking wet

Big pool of water on drivers side rear footwell but no obvious damage to roof. Gone through car wash to check for leaks and small drip but nothing major, pipes in boot ok though have spotted wet in bo...

2010 1.8 twintop sport
Posted: Oct 22, 2023
Astra ac off due to high engine heat

Hi I need help! This car is never out of the garage! Latest problem has cost me over £300 so far and still not fixed. Warning comes on the dash ac off due to high engine heat. Temp gauge drops to 0, ...

2014 Gtc Sri S/S
Posted: Oct 21, 2023
Front nearside indicator not working 69 plate Astra - led lights

It is intermittent but stops working most of the time. Doesn't work with the hazards on either.

2019 1.2 se
Posted: Oct 14, 2023
Cant always get into gear.

On shorter journeys carwill be in second or third and suddenly I cannot change up or down, gear stick won't move. Have to turn engine off and start car again to get gear to work. Happens intermittent...

2018 1.0
Posted: Oct 8, 2023
Radiator inlet pipe has snaped off

Its an ISUZU engine but my garage cant get one that fits. Can it be repaired? I cant find a replacement.

1999 TD
Posted: Sep 28, 2023
Master cylinder

i have had the master cylinder replaced now i have clutch judder on setting off i have also heard a noise from the clutch and its unable to select gears

2016 sri cdti
Posted: Sep 24, 2023
Fault code

My car isn’t pulling. Changed turbo still not pulling but the exhaust flexy pipe is leaking. I Can it be the reason why it is not pulling ?

2010 Estate
Posted: Sep 23, 2023

As described for the 2005 But I do not think it is the battery at fault.The car is not running rough and the battery is well charged. The starter motor just clicks and seem s to start on random tr...

2006 1.8 petrol
Posted: Sep 21, 2023
On 2 occasions clutch pedal stayed down ,unable to engage gear. 2nd was changing lanes on M4 when changing down from 6th to 5th.

First occasion in a car park (Dec 2022) changing gear to reverse into a space. Clutch pedal stuck down and would not stay up. Break down engineer stated there had been a recall and was able to reset f...

2019 Griffin
Posted: Sep 19, 2023
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