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The Fabia is a small family car which comes with a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. The estate version won the What Car? Car of the Year 2019 awards in the 'Best estate car for less than £20,000' category.
Fabia Problems By Model Year
Fabia Latest Problems
Steaming up head lamps
1 response 2017 1.0
Posted: Nov 30, 2019
Fuel gauge?
1 response 2015 1.2TSI "Ambition" 90hp
Posted: Sep 23, 2019
Stop/Start affecting Infotainment System (Media player - SD card)
3 responses 2015 1.2 TDI 90hp "Ambition"
Posted: Sep 16, 2019
Interior light
1 response 2000 1.9 sdi diesel
Posted: Jun 19, 2019
Cold start
1 response 2000 1.9 sdi diesel
Posted: Feb 20, 2019
Skoda Fabia Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: John, East Anglia

3/ 10

Design faults are too numerous to mention.
Lights flicker when using the power steering. Numerous faults codes thrown up for no apparent reason. Poor headlights. Footwells fill with water due to bad sealent used on the window carriers. Some models have to have the battery tray removed to check power steering fluid level. Akin to being in a bath tub on a high sea when using roundabouts.
Plenum chamber overflows with rain water if not cleared of debris, this then leaks into the heater chamber and floods front footwells. The most severe fault is the short delay when pushing the accelerator pedal down and the time it takes to communicate with the electronic throttle control valve, not an ideal situation when pulling out of a side road with approaching traffic. Rear console bushes are prone to early failure.

Name: John
Location: East Anglia

Reviewed by: John Crowder, NESTON CHESHIRE

9/ 10

I have owned a Fabia 16 valve comfort for 10 years Last years annual service bill totaled almost £800 which was for 1, front suspension bushes renewal, 2, cam belt replacement 3 temp sensor etc. renewal, 4 annual service . This was the first big bill. Other than that, nothing has gone wrong. I am very satisfied with the car and would highly recommend Skoda. The Fabia is a fabulous car.

Name: John Crowder

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Fabia Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Skoda Fabia Recalls
Affects builds between Jan 8, 2018 and Feb 28, 2018
Recalled on May 30, 2019
Affects builds between Apr 1, 2011 and Oct 1, 2014
Recalled on Dec 5, 2014
Affects builds between Jun 28, 2006 and May 24, 2007
Recalled on Jul 30, 2007
Affects builds between Mar 7, 2007 and May 24, 2007
Recalled on Jul 30, 2007
Affects builds between Mar 1, 2004 and Aug 31, 2004
Recalled on Feb 17, 2005
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