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2009 Vauxhall Insignia Problem

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Avatar Vindi
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Has anyone else experianced very poor traction from their Insignia in the Snow. I live at the top of a small incline and I am finding that my Insignia is just getting stuck in the snow, with or without the traction control on. We have not had any where near as much snow as other parts of the country. Whilst the snow is deep enough to be an issue, I also have a Vectra and that has no problem - and that has no traction control on it. Both cars have good tyres on them - the Insignia has 245/45 r18's set at the lower preasure.The Vectra is a petrol would this make a difference?

Car Vauxhall Insignia
Variant 2.0 CDTI 130BHP
Model Year 2009
Category Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres

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Avatar whittingehame
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Quite often different makes of tyres can transform the car in snow .


Avatar thistrucker
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I had Bridgestones on my car and we have a small incline at the end of our road. Every other car could get up this incline as if there was no snow. I was sat there with wheels spinning merrily whilst sliding backwards. Xmas 2010 I replaced the front tyres, fitting Kumho tyres. I drove down to Disneyland Paris and coming back I was driving through 6 inch deep snow without problem. Bridgestones, crap. Kumho, great. Vauxhall were no help when I complained direct to them. They just said the car must have a fault , yet the dealer could find no fault. This car is the most expensive car i have ever owned and had the most computer type gagets on, ie, traction control, abs, ebs etc. It now turns out to be the worst car I have ever owned. Thinking about buying one? DON'T BOTHER!

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