Vauxhall Insignia Recalls

Safety and technical recalls for the Vauxhall Insignia
The latest recalls ordered by most recent recall date

Passenger airbag may deploy incorrectly

Recalled on 17th of March, 2017

Affects builds between Aug 25, 2016 and Dec 1, 2016

Reduction in braking performance

Recalled on 1st of March, 2017

Affects builds between Aug 18, 2016 and Aug 30, 2016

Possible loss of steering control

Recalled on 11th of July, 2016

Affects builds between Apr 7, 2016 and Apr 20, 2016

Tailgate may drop abruptly after it is opened

Recalled on 21st of May, 2015

Affects builds between Jul 4, 2008 and Mar 19, 2015

Window anti-trap may malfunction

Recalled on 14th of January, 2011

Affects VIN in range B1055991 - B1060051

Steering wheel airbag may not deploy correctly

Recalled on 23rd of November, 2010

Affects VIN in range B1017475 - B1051478

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