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william smith
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question for u guys, can i change the profile size of my tyres? simple,
but an answer i dont know and ive been driving since i was 17.
my astra has 205 50 16 , im presuming it was a option upgrade coz of it being an sxi, but 205 50 16 tyres are more ££ and less choice than 205 55 16. so can i change to the 55 profile for more variety of tyres from the 50 already on the car??


Car Vauxhall Astra
Variant 1.6 sxi
Year 2002
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On the vectra, ie 215 50 17, there is an optional size of 225 45 17.

So the wider the tyre, then the lower the profile.

But you want to raise the profile, not sure, might be better speaking to a local fitter..
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yes will be ok best to fit 4 new ones never mix on same axle
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By increasing the profile and not changing any other size, you will be throwing the speedo out fractionally. Which is why I suggested speaking to your local tyre centre to see if there is an alternative size that vauxhall recomend.
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Would agree that it,s okay to run with that profile,but answer three is also right as vauxhall may have another tyre width and profile combination that they use which will not alter your speedo.
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Don't see any problem with 55's on your stock rims, might not look so good though, the height of the sidewall would be 112.8mm instead of 102.5mm, this would throw the speedo out it would be 3.4% too slow, this means when the speedo say's 70mph you'll be doing 72.38mph.
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