The panoramic roof has stopped working .also at same time back wiper has stopped working

2014 Peugeot 3008 1.6 hdi
Problem added: Nov 10, 2023 (4 weeks ago)
Car: Peugeot 3008
Year: 2014
Variant: 1.6 hdi
Problem Categories
Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
suddenley the panoramic roof has stopped working .at the same time the back window wiper has stopped working. if you keep flicking the switch for panoramic roof the back wiper moves slightly. changed fuse for rear wiper but no effect


Check all fuses , # 39 20 Panoramic roof curtain may be linked to fault . Check wiring at top of tailgate where it enters for any damage / breaks

Peugeot 3008 fuse and relay
Passenger compartment
This box is located in the dashboard, on the left. Remove the protective cover for access.
No. Protected chain
1 15 Rear window wiper
2 – Free
3 5 Airbag ECU
4 10 In-car light-sensitive rear-view mirror, air conditioner, protection system switching unit, rear multimedia devices
5 30 Front impulse windows
6 30 Rear impulse windows
7 5 Front and rear lights, individual lights, rear spotlights, sun visor mirror lights, glove box lights, center armrest lights, luggage compartment 12V relay circuit
8 20 Car radio, radiotelephone, CD changer, multifunction display, tire pressure monitoring system, burglar alarm siren, burglar alarm ECU, telematics ECU
9 30 Front 12V socket, cigarette lighter, rear 12V socket
10 15 Steering column switches
11 15 Small current circuit of the ignition switch
12 15 Trailer sensor, rain / light sensor, fuse supply F32, F34, F35
13 5 Engine ECU, Airbag ECU
14 15 Instrument panel, instrument panel display, fuse supply F33
15 30 Locking and super locking
17 40 Heated rear window, fuse F30 supply
SH – PARC shunt
29 – Free
30 5 Heated exterior mirrors
31 30 12V socket for trunk
32 5 Sequential gear lever
33 10 Head-up view panel, hands-free system, air conditioner
34 5 Seat belt warning lamps
35 10 Parking Assist, Hi-Fi Amplifier
36 10 Trailer ECU processor, driver’s door panel
37 20 Hi-Fi amplifier
38 30 Electric driver’s seat adjustment
39 20 Panoramic roof curtain
40 – Free
For the front and rear cigarette lighter fuse number 9, 30 A is responsible.

Engine compartment
Main box
Located on the left, near the counter.

block location


scheme of the main unit under the hood


No. Protected chain
1 20 Power supply to the engine ECU, injection pump solenoid valves and exhaust gas recirculation system EGR (on a 2L HDI engine), injectors (on a 2L HDI engine)
2 15 Sound signal
3 10 Front and rear window washer
4 10 Daytime Running Lights
5 15 Solenoid valves for unloading the adsorber, an electric pressure reducing valve for the turbocharging system (on a 1.6 l THP engine), a heater for oil vapors (1.6 l THP), a diesel fuel heater (1.6 l HDI)
6 10 Diagnostic connector, adaptive headlights, diesel particulate filter additive pump (diesel), Distance Alert sensor, engine coolant level sensor, electric mirrors
7 10 Power steering ECU, automatic transmission, adaptive headlight regulator drive
8 20 Starter switch
9 10 Clutch and brake pedal contactors
10 30 Components of the electronic engine control system (on gasoline: ignition coils, solenoid valves, oxygen sensors, injectors, heating system elements, fuel pump, electronic thermostat; on diesel: solenoid valves, heating system elements)
11 40 Air conditioning fan
12 30 Low / high speed of the windshield wiper
13 40 Power supply of the intelligent switching unit (+ from the ignition switch)
14 30 Turbocharging pressure solenoid valve
15 10 High beam headlight, right
16 10 Left high beam headlamp
17 15 Left low beam headlamp
18 15 RH low beam headlamp
19* 15 Oil vapor heater (1.6 l VTI), turbo boost pressure regulator solenoid valve (on diesel), coolant level sensor (on diesel)
20 10 Electronic thermostat, fuel control solenoid valves, turbo boost pressure control solenoid valve (diesel), coolant level sensor (diesel)
21 5 Power supply for the engine cooling fan relay, Valvetronic relay switch (1.6 l VTI), turbo boost cooling (1.6 l THP), air flow sensor (1.6 l HDI)
Battery fuses
Another box is located next to the battery.

fuses over battery


battery fuses


1 – Free
2 5 Dual Function Brake Contactor
3 5 Battery charging ECU
4 25 ABS / CDS solenoid valves
5 5 ABS / CDS system processor
6 15 ECU for automatic transmission and sequential transmission
7 80 Power steering pump
8 60 Engine cooling fan
9 80/30 ECU of the preheating system (on diesel), electric drive of the Valvetronic system (1.6 l THP)
10 40 ABS / CDS electric pump
11 100 Protection system switching unit
12 30 Sequential gearbox electric pump
Please note that on the cover itself, in addition to high – power fuses, there are also fusible ones.

Designation of high-end fuses

MF1 – Free
MF2 30 Trailer ECU
MF3 50 Passenger compartment fuse box
MF4 80 Intelligent breakout box
MF5 80 Intelligent breakout box
MF6 30 Electric parking brake
MF7 30 Heated front seats
Answered Nov 10, 2023 (4 weeks ago)

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