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Hi guys,
Well the weather is bad here (snowing) and as I was driving I had my window wipers on the next thing they got jammed and with in a couple of seconds the pung back into place. Well now the big wiper is not working! Don't reckon its the motor as the other wiper is still working! I have opened the bonnet and had a look and everything still seems tight no loose nuts etc, However the end end of the wiper has whats like a case on it and that come away do I clicked it back on but no luck. Can anyone help me? Does anyone know what this is and how much it will cost to replace as it's coming up to xmas and nows not a good time for things to go wrong, thanks


Car Peugeot 206
Variant 1.4 Manual
Year 2005
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Category Leaks & Noises
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it sounds like the arm has come loose or the spindle has broken. lift bonnet turn on wipers and u should be able to see what has happened.
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Thanks for the reply. I think the spindle has broken as the motor is still going and it appears that the nut on the right is turning round and round however the one on the left is not moving. I take it this would indicate a broken spindle? Are these dear to replace?

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could check to make sure the linkage hasnt popped off below but not too much of an exs pensive fix
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