Peugeot 206 Recalls

Safety and technical recalls for the Peugeot 206
The latest recalls ordered by most recent recall date

Engine may fail

Recalled on 13th of November, 2012

Affects builds between May 20, 2010 and Jul 8, 2010

Fuel pipe may leak

Recalled on 26th of November, 2008

Affects builds between Jul 3, 2008 and Jul 16, 2008

Windscreen wipers may fail

Recalled on 27th of October, 2008

Affects builds between Dec 1, 2005 and May 31, 2006

Front right hand seatbelt fixing bolt may fail

Recalled on 22nd of November, 2006

Affects 206

Possible seepage on the diesel fuel return pipe

Recalled on 11th of April, 2005

Affects 206

Possibility that the starter motor wiring loom is incorrectly positioned

Recalled on 13th of September, 2004

Affects builds between Jun 1, 2004 and Jul 13, 2004

Possibility of erratic operation of the motorized throttle body

Recalled on 14th of May, 2004

Affects 206

Possibility that the rear spoiler may detach

Recalled on 7th of May, 2004

Affects builds between Nov 28, 2001 and Oct 2, 2003

Service brake linkage may become disconnected

Recalled on 24th of November, 2003

Affects builds between Sep 1, 1998 and Feb 28, 2002

Ignition key may foul steering column cowling

Recalled on 4th of May, 2002

Affects 206

Seat belt anchorage concern.

Recalled on 28th of February, 2002

Affects 206

Passenger airbag may fail to deploy

Recalled on 12th of November, 2001

Affects 206

Front suspension concern

Recalled on 15th of January, 2001

Affects 206

Unintentional deployment of side air bags

Recalled on 19th of September, 2000

Affects 206

Fuel may leak from fuel filter

Recalled on 18th of May, 2000

Affects builds between Sep 1, 1998 and Sep 22, 1999