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Everything usually electrical

Constant draining, bought 6 months ago as temp car. Within 2 days, I go out to start it and it's dead, battery didn't match the receipt for new one in paperwork I got with car, so I went got a new yua...

2006 1.4 urban
Posted: Aug 8, 2021

Pedal goes to floor when engine is running

2003 1.4
Posted: Jun 24, 2021
Revs high immediately on starting

As soon as the car is started from cold it goes straight up to near maximum revs before dropping back down to normal. Once warmed up the idle speed becomes erratic. There are no warning lights on.

2004 16 valve Sport
Posted: Jun 14, 2021
My car is not accelerating

When you go to warm the car in the morning it doesn't fire, and when drive the car it doesn't accelerate , till you off the car and fire it several times before it picks, then it works normal for some...

2001 1.8 IDL
Posted: May 6, 2021
Hello my Peugeot doesn't turn off then the lights are on

Hello my car doesn't turn off when the lights are on.

2002 1.1 Petrol
Posted: Mar 13, 2021
Electrics going haywire

My 206 1.4 xline model had the head gasket replaced and ever since it randomly starts jerking and then cuts out. During this time the temp gauge goes haywire shooting up and then dropping rapidly agai...

2005 1.4 xline
Posted: Mar 8, 2021
Front suspension very low

The front suspension, though appearing to be okay, is very low to the ground

2010 diesel
Posted: Feb 18, 2021
Key fob open button pot working, electric window driver side closes when putting key in ign ition

The key fob disintegrated so replaced the shell but the 'open' button rubber insert press lost so can only use the 'close' keys. The electric window driver side opens when putting key into ignition so...

2006 206 cabriolet
Posted: Feb 17, 2021
Center Locking & Warning Lights on Dash Not Working

I recently bought, but my center locking, Warning lights (Check engine & Oil level) isn't been working. According to the mechanic the ECU was changes and doesn't match with its BSI. So pls help me to ...

2002 1.4 petrol
Posted: Dec 17, 2020
My car won’t stay running or accelerate when warm

My car won’t stay running when warm just cuts out

1999 1.1
Posted: Dec 16, 2020
Economy mode active

After sitting for 2 days wouldn't start, engine immobilizer fault came up. Changed battery. Economy mode comes up . Still wont start. Can't reset bus because lock micro switch on fob broken.

2004 Cc
Posted: Nov 27, 2020
206 1.4 twin cam no spark

No spark i have had the keys reprogramed all fuses okay fuel okay continuity test on wiring from engie fuse box to ecu and ecu to coils i habe power at the coil its had new coils still no start new cr...

2005 1.4
Posted: Nov 26, 2020
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