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206 GTI 180 not starting

Hey I have a peugeot 206 GTI 180 The car wont start The car just cracks and switches on the lights And says economy mode active I have tried so many electricians and they seem not get the problem ...

2004 180 gti
Posted: Nov 9, 2023
Ecu resetting

Blinking snow and sport light permanently. I have eve replaced the gearbox.

1997 1.4 auto
Posted: Oct 9, 2023
Boot Lock Not Opening

The handle underneath to open the hatch door goes kinda stiff after unlocking with the key fob (central locking) and won't un latch as normal. It's been in a compound after a front end bump and came b...

2001 2.0L HDI LX 5 Door
Posted: Jun 18, 2023
Engine cuts out at junctions/ traffic lights

The car cuts out coming to a stop, at junctions and traffic lights. Drives perfectly until then. It can idle fine for 3-4 mins, then decide to hunt, idle fine for another minute, hunt, and then cut ...

2011 206+ 1.1 LHD
Posted: Jun 10, 2023
Poor running power loss until car restarted

Very intermittent engine will loose power and pooor running until you key off and restart it may be ok again for several weeks

2002 1.1 petrol
Posted: Jun 9, 2023
Uneven tick over on start up for 10/15 seconds hot or cold

The car starts first time all the time for some reason it as an uneven tick over for 10/15 seconds on startup it other than that it runs smooth it’s when you stop and start it again

2003 1.4 hatchback
Posted: May 20, 2023
Losses power

Losses power atimes and no response when I throttle down atimes too. Some times it normalizes if I switch off the car and restart again or remove the battery terminal head.

2006 1.8 TDI
Posted: Apr 9, 2023
Boot door not opening =Release catch is sloppy no resistance

Rear window opens but main boot door wont. The catch release feels sloppy with no spring to it.

2003 SW
Posted: Feb 26, 2023
Turns over but wont start

My 206 has been Turning over but won't spark up and start but when I get a push start it starts with no probs then when I turn the key it's fine again then a few days will Past and I get the same prob...

2005 1.6 cc
Posted: Feb 2, 2023
Gearbox knocks turning, quite silent going straight or turning freewheeling

I could drive tens Kms pushing just straight with no noise, while turning I've got strokes. Going freewheeling no noise even turning. At once I've thought a joint were failing but it is not this the p...

2002 1.4 i 75CV
Posted: Dec 6, 2022
PLease i need help to know what the problem with my car

Sudenlly it started to have a low white smoke near the hidraulic reservatory, i dont really know why

2005 1.4
Posted: Oct 18, 2022
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