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when pulling away and going over bumpy roads the door panels seem to make a creaking noise,the doors have only just started to do this in the last six months and is getting on my nerves.this didn't happen until the stupid garage adjusted the doors for no real reason and the squeak we moaned about came from the seat, also seem to have a grinding noise when turning right on the rear wheel.garage says it was hub bearing on front wheel but the noise is coming from the rear any help would be most appreciated before I kill the car.

Car Peugeot 206
Variant 1.4 hdi
Year 2005
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Category Leaks & Noises
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the door noises will be due to the door panel clips being broken when removed as for the other noises sounds like another wheel bearing that needs doing but you have no need to kill the car there is just a few things that need doing to put it right again
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body creaks can be very annoying to cure on older cars as over time the body shell becomes weaker and distorts more around corners and over bumps and the areas to suffer the most are doors and boot lids/tailgates. the best thing you can try first is to purchase a silicone spray and apply it to the door seals, also check the door hinge pins for wear and they are well lubricated.
As for your noise at the rear have another garage test drive the vehicle and check for worn bearing or maybe it's just something fouling one of the brakes.
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