Clutch shuddering.

2005 Peugeot 206 Problem
The Problem
Avatar laura evans
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Hi Im writing this regarding my sisters car. As she is having no end of problems so want ideally for her to go back to the garage with an idea.
The car is a 1.6 206cc manual petrol it's covered 74000 from new, she is only the second owner and cares for the car like a child.
In the past 3 months it's had to have a refurbished gearbox in and a clutch now 5 days ago another clutch, garage changed the second clutch for free saying the first must have been faulty. Now again when she is pulling away the car is shuddering and from the left side front there is an audible knocking noise. It's a different problem to the first clutch as the first one just went out of the blue no shuddering just gave up. This one the car goes into gear fine pulls fine through the gears it's just when pulling away in first it's shuddering quite violently. Any advice greatly received as the garage at the moment are suggesting she is the issue not the car.

Car Peugeot 206
Variant 1.6cc quicksilver
Model Year 2005
Category Gearbox & Clutch
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Avatar whittingehame
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Could be the DMF but this should have been checked / replaced when clutch job was done .Another thing to check would be the driveshafts .

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Not going to argue previous advice,
What I'm stating is you question had relevant information and was a welcome change.
Well done!
usually we get asked "my car don't start"
And that's about it.
never what kind of car,
engine size...............
I'd suggest YOU take the car back.
you clearly know your beans.

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