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2006 Peugeot 206 Problem
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Avatar Weezie
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Hi I have been having issues with getting my car started in the cold weather, she will turn over some of the time but then splutters and stops. other times she wont turn over at all, I have just put in a new battery but had the same issue today after a freezing night it took 3 goes to get her going and then I had to sit with my foot on the accelerator for about 4 mins so she wouldn't cut out. she is fine all other times.
can anyone help?

Car Peugeot 206
Variant 206cc 2.0 allure
Model Year 2006
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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Avatar 1/4drive
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Guessing diesel,
How fast does it spin over on the key?
These need a minimum of 180 rpm for good starting.
200 is better.

Avatar whittingehame
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You could try changing the fuel filter and engine coolant temp sensor .

Avatar Weezie
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Hi I will check your suggestion with my nephew who is a mechanic, she recently was in for as full service so I know some things were changed.
Thanks for your help :)

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