2003 Peugeot 206 - Where the multifunction relay ??

206 206SW 1.4 petrol Problem
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I'm looking for the multi function fuel relay on my Peugeot 206 SW 1.4 petrol. Most threads mention its under the ecu but having removed the ecu i cannot see it for love nor money ???? Any ideas where it may be ??? Many Thanks in advance.

Car Peugeot 206
Variant 206SW 1.4 petrol
Year 2003
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Do you mean the BM34?
it's like a fuse box relay system and is near the battery,
And pretty much everything electrical runs through it.
Try googling BM34.
And it might help if we new the problem/symptoms?
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Hi Please see the reference for the original problem. Ref:18860

Today there have been some developments !!
I once again checked all fuses and wiring as best i could through conduits etc, no real apparent damage or corrosion visible to wiring. But i had a good wiggle here and there.

I then cleaned all the earthing points with emery paper i reconnected battery and hey presto when i turned the key in the ignition i instantly heard the fuel pump whir into life and the car started !! I ran it for about ten minutes and turned it off. Then restarted no problems another five or six times.....................

Feeling proud of myself i packed my tools away and returned to the car some two hours later only to find that i was back to the same thing the car was turning over but no firing, and no sound of the fuel pump whiring on pre-ignition.

Does anyone out there have a wiring diagram of the ignition system for the 206 1.4 petrol.

I'm quietly confident it must be a loose wire somewhere in the system, just need it sorting now as it's well over a week and it's getting to me !!!!!
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