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Hi folks, hoping to get some advice here.

Having issues with the cars locking.

Firstly the keyfob doesn't work, so I changed the battery, with no difference. Now the drivers side door lock does not work using the key in the lock. The key goes in, but will not turn.

I can lock and unlock the car from the passenger side door, however as you can imagine getting a bit annoyed with this.

When inside the car I can lock and unlock the car using the interior lock.

Anyone know where to start?

Car Peugeot 206
Variant 1.4 S
Year 2005
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Category Leaks & Noises
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Need to strip down o/s door and see why the key wont turn as this is usually where the central locking control is fitted in lock mechanism .Can sometimes free off any seized linkage with WD40 if patient .
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