Trouble building speed and judderring
1999 Peugeot 206 1.4

Hi, about a month or 2 ago my car was juddering, turned out after running it on a diagnostic test it was o2 sensor, so i got this changed.
So i started work at about 6 and my car was fine, but I let it run for a while before I drove it for the windscreen frost to melt. And so after I finished work bearing in mind it was still very cold, i started it up and drove straight away. After about a minute of driving the engine light flashed, and did a couple of times each time i stopped over the next few minutes, then eventually it stayed on. It took a lot of throttle to take off and to build up speed, once i got to about 30mph it didnt want to go faster and i could feel it fighting against me. After five minutes of driving when i was near home it made a sort of flapping noise, not sure how to describe it, sounded sort of like a belt. I haven't driven my car since.
Any help is much appreciated
Many thanks

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Peugeot 206 (1999)
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Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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if the engine light is still on then there is a fault logged in the engie ecu,try to get it read and find out what the fault codes it could be your car a 8valve or 16valve engine.whats the milage as well.
Flapping noise ? Is the probe that was replaced correctly secured as if loose it could be exhaust noise.I would not drive it until you know for sure what the issue is as you will only do damage and cost yourself money,Is the repairer of the initial fault available to check this problem out.
to mtec - its an 8valve and on about 65000miles

to busted knuckles - i think its pretty secure cos i had a look at the engine and the flapping noise didnt sound like it came from the exhaust

I drove the car later on i let it warm up before for a bit and then drove it for about 5 minutes and there was no problems with it, would the problem be anything to do with the cold?
If it,s okay now ,then it could be due to temp.

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