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Clutch springs friction with pedal and overheating

Will.not go into gear then when left for approx 1 hour works again fine for a while

2009 I10
Posted: Jun 16, 2022
Auto gearbox - possibly!

Engaging reverse , from a stop position. Change to "drive"... at the initial depression of the accelerator pedal sometimes the car makes a small "churring " noise - for maybe a second, thereafter the ...

2020 1.4 premium
Posted: May 8, 2022
Hard to select first and second gear

I've got a 2016 i10 with 50k on the clock just recently I have been struggling to find 1st & 2nd also reverse sometimes grinds when selecting any one else had this problem

2016 1.2
Posted: Apr 11, 2022
It does not engage in reverse gear first time and jumps out of gear.

When engaging reverse gear the reversing camera comes on but the car 'jumps' out of gear and has to be re-engaged. I was told by the dealership that this is a 'feature' of an i10! Maybe they should l...

2020 i10
Posted: Mar 28, 2022
When I turn into a corner the car oversteers

When I turn into a corner the car s steering pulls me into the corner

2021 I10
Posted: Mar 12, 2022

New battery needed asap. Car difficult to start

2011 Petrol
Posted: Mar 9, 2022
Front fog light tell tale light on the dashboard on when even side lights are on however the car does not have front fog lights!

Problem recently appeared as per title ie when lights are switched on the front fog light tell tale light illuminates - car does not have front fog lights! Hyundai can offer Zeno explanation or estima...

2017 1.2 automatic lpg
Posted: Jan 22, 2022
Break pad failure after 850 miles

New car bought in July 2021. 850 miles later both front brake pads failed while the vehicle was moving, with passenger side pad ripping away from the brake disc. Paid over £300 for repair, as garage ...

2021 1.2 Auto Premium
Posted: Jan 14, 2022
Battery not charging

Brand new battery installed 6 weeks later totally dead left it running to see if it would charge it up but switched of engine after 25 mins stil dead on dash board the a warning red light for battery

2011 F5p51
Posted: Jan 6, 2022
Knack sound when I step on the clutch pedal.

I would like to know what is that knack sound when I step on the clutch pedal?

2014 1.0
Posted: Nov 18, 2021
Breakdiscs and pads needed changing at 23000, also the v belt

I am a careful driver, but at only 23,000 miles the front breakpads and discs were knackered, also the v belt was frayed and needed changing.

2017 1.2
Posted: Nov 10, 2021
Second key willunlock the door but will not turn the alarm off soas soon as you open a door the alarm is set off

the second key will unlock the doors but as soon as a door is opened the alarm go's off not good is you actually want two working keys to your car

2020 se connect
Posted: Oct 4, 2021
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