Chugging when driving

1998 Ford Puma Problem

The Problem

Avatar hju
Joined: 9 years ago | Profile

Car has started chugging when driving no difference hot or cold starts on the turn of the key idles perfectly

Car Ford Puma
Variant 1.7
Model Year 1998
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar mr suzuki
Joined: 11 years ago | Fixes: 685 | Profile

plug leads a common fault soak in wd40 start engine if one faulty it will pop out this is caused by spark escaping and igniting wd.


Avatar kevin 40
Joined: 8 years ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

I have had a similar problem i have found the problem it was the clutch adjuster at the top of the clutch pedal, it had not been fitted properely and also caused my car to shudder. so please check above the clutch pedal and ensure the clutch adjuster is securely on.


Avatar mandy2504
Joined: 7 years ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

i have the same kind of problem i have change the spark pugs twice and the cars fine for a matter of hours then it starts chuggering and feels as if its losing power when i accelerate ans it chuggers when i go around a side turning in second .

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