Steering feels like driving on ice, loss of control

2017 Ford Galaxy 1.8 TDI
Car: Ford Galaxy
Year: 2017
Variant: 1.8 TDI
Categories: Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres
I have an intermittent problem that happens in all weather conditions. It sometimes feels as though I have hit a patch of ice and don't have control of the steering very briefly, other times it feels as though someone else has tugged the steering wheel.
It has been looked at by a good garage who only found that the wheels needed re-aligning.
Then I found that it had been sold to me (12 months ago) by a car sales firm with an outstanding recall for rear suspension toe link bolts corroding which can effect steering, however the Ford main dealership have replaced the bolts this morning and did a 48 point safety check for me but not found any issues.
I am at my wits end as I really don't feel as though I trust the car now.
Problem added: Aug 24, 2023 (5 months ago)
If the Ford main dealership have checked it out , hard to advise , especially with it being an intermittent problem and hard to replicate
Answered Aug 24, 2023 (5 months ago)

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