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Engine serves,once warm

After driving a few km the engine serves and won't rev up. I switch engine off and restart then kan drive a few km then the problem starts again

2011 2 lt
Posted: Jan 16, 2017
Car jerking

Drives good then getting occasional jerking and no ecceleration then goes ok again but never know when it's going to happen was suggested could be fuel filter but not sure it's not petrol low thank yo...

2001 1.8 SE
Posted: Jan 8, 2015
Lack of power

what would cause a lack of power ? car feels sluggish/lumpy

2002 1.6 sx
Posted: Jul 22, 2014
engine running rough

when driving the car feels as if it`s chugging as though you going to run out of fuel. also there is a knocking noise from the front passenger side when turning left.

2002 1.6 sx
Posted: Jul 22, 2014
Miss fire on tickover and some water lost

my wife daewoo tacuma as a missfire on tickover and some water lost i,ve changed the plugs ht lead and coil pack still the same i get a code p300 ramdom mulity clyinder they is no water in the oil or...

2003 2.0 cdx
Posted: Dec 27, 2012
Cam Belt Broke

Hi My Cambelt broke on my car what repairs would need to be carried out to fix the car Many Thanks

2004 Manual
Posted: Dec 10, 2012
No spark at spark plugs

Ok! ENGINE MANAGMENT LIGHT CAME ON STILL DROVE OK! then came out to go to work no start. rang a mate,no spark at plugs,got coil pack,still no spark had it code read,camshaft sensor bought and fitted n...

2002 1.6 mpv
Posted: Sep 26, 2011
Engine management

yes my engine management light stays on all the time even when the car inginition is turned on with out the engine running .but the car is running fine

2003 2000
Posted: Sep 10, 2011
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