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The latest Golf has a refreshed exterior, with intricately designed headlights and a wider profile, alongside superior technology to give you a hatchback in a class of its own. The GTE model gives all the benefits of a hybrid engine.
Golf Problems By Model Year
Golf Latest Problems
Engine cuts out

As the previous problem engine cutting out on low revs and when taking foot of pedal then engine starts again, revs counter drops to zero

2018 1.5 automatic
Posted: Sep 5, 2021
Engine stalls when pulling away or leaving a junction

Car runs perfectly then when engine gets warm (90 dgrs) it regularly stalls when pulling away or slowing at a junction or traffic queue

2000 1.4e
Posted: Jul 24, 2021
Front passenger door not locking/unlocking

Front and rear doors lock stuck in locked position, I renewed both locking mech and back door is now fine but front door still not working, ie stays locked when operated in any way key/fob.. I welcome...

2006 2.0 tdi Sport
Posted: Jul 23, 2021
Power loss to passenger doors.

Lost all power to passenger doors,window and mirror. Check fuses wiring. replaced battery and I still can't open any of the passenger doors. Please help as I can't find any help online.

2011 1600 golf estate
Posted: Mar 2, 2021
Egr valve location

I want to locate the Egr so I can try to clean it as it won't start and the RAC did a diagnostics and the faults may be tied to the Egr. I've look at other cars online but my car doesn't seem to have ...

Posted: Aug 8, 2017
Volkswagen Golf Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: Dave Atkinson, North Yorkshire

10/ 10

I bought my 2010 Golf 2.0 TDI SE secondhand at the end of January. The car has been used to tow our 1100Kg caravan and general driving. I have had two concerns both fixed under warrenty. The first one rear light cluster held condensation and the second both front doors would squeak when travelling on an undulating road. The car is very economical on diesel giving over 60mpg solo and around 40mpg towing. On a long run travelling at legal limits the car manages mpg figures in the early 70's. The car has an excellent turn of speed and I would recommend a Golf to anyone who needs a small/medium size car that is easy to drive and very quiet on the road.

Name: Dave Atkinson
Location: North Yorkshire

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

8/ 10

just got a new golf m6 its all you will ever need in acar what more can i say but well done vw;;;; just brill;;;

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Golf Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Volkswagen Golf Recalls
Recent Recall

Faulty crash sensors for air bag and restraint systems may have been fitted in the front doors

Recalled on 19th of February, 2021

Affects builds between Sep 2, 2020 and Sep 8, 2020

The e-call service function may not always function

Recalled on 5th of June, 2020

Affects builds between Mar 12, 2020 and May 8, 2020

The housing bolts on the camshelf adjuster may come loose

Recalled on 9th of August, 2019

Affects builds between Dec 17, 2013 and Dec 4, 2014

The housing bolts on the camshelf adjuster may come loose

Recalled on 9th of August, 2019

Affects VIN in range WVWZZZAUZEW236343 - WVWZZZAUZFW536709

Driver airbag generator housing could come loose

Recalled on 24th of January, 2019

Affects builds between Jan 1, 2002 and Dec 31, 2002

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