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Model: GOLF recalled on: Jun 5, 2020
The e-call service function may not always function
Model: TRANSPORTER recalled on: Jun 3, 2020
Possibility of humidity ingress in the bowden cables of the doors
Model: TOUAREG recalled on: May 13, 2020
A welded connection of the gearbox oil pipe can cause a leak of gear oil
Model: TIGUAN recalled on: May 11, 2020
The roof spoiler can partially or completely detach from the vehicle
Model: T6 CARAVELLE recalled on: Apr 30, 2020
Owner's manuals for the transporter were included instead of for the multivan
Model: T-Roc recalled on: Apr 15, 2020
The electric parking brake can be unintentionally released when disengaging the clutch pedal
Model: ARTEON recalled on: Mar 25, 2020
The brake servo pull rod ball coupling may have been put into the mounting of the brake pedal incorrectly
Model: TRANSPORTER T6 recalled on: Mar 19, 2020
The electric child lock may not be mechanically locked although switched on by driver
Model: TOUAREG recalled on: Mar 18, 2020
Bolted connection between steering shaft and steering rack may loosen
Model: POLO recalled on: Mar 16, 2020
Oil may get into the brake servo through the vacuum lines of the tandem pump.