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Reviewed by: cmac, Limerick

7/ 10

I just got a 2011 Demo model Passat 1.6 TDi Highline model.The interior of the car feels more up market than its main rivals. My big worry at first was the 1.6 TDi engine.I felt it would not have enough power.It is lacking power in some respects, if slowing down taking a corner and then pushing hard on the gas - you will not get a quick responce. Drop a gear and your ok. You need to drive it a little harder to get a good responce. But taking the fuel consumption and quality of the interior, i have to say i really like this car.

Name: cmac
Location: Limerick

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

5/ 10

I have owned a Passat sport estate for 4 years. Overall a very nice car to drive and no problems until it comes out of its extended warranty period. First the heating damper motor packed up which caused the engine to keep cutting out. Which is very dangerous when crossing a large roundabout in heavy traffic. Now the steering light comes on then beeps. When you stop the car and turn the ignition key off it wont start again till it is towed into a gargae for the problem to be cleared. It is then ok for 4-5 days and then it happens again. The garage now says that it needs a new ECU. If the modern cars rely on electronics so much they should at least make them reliable for the life of the car.

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

6/ 10

I have owned my 2004 diesel passat saloon for just over six months now it has covered 70k with full history. I now have a ginding noise when i put it on full lock either side. Any suguestions as to what might be the cause of this?
I also get emmissions error code come on the dash for no reason and sometimes it will stay on for a day or twwo and then goes off.
These are the only faults I have expeinced to date

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

8/ 10

Pure class, feels like you are driving a luxury car. Can be a snarling beast one minute and a pure cruser the next. the finish inside and out is just the best. These cars just seem to last forever.

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