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Interior clock goes back to 12.00 every time i stop driving

as above clock only works when i turn the car on ,starts to work but when i turn the engine off and restart goes back to 12.00

2006 1.8
Posted: Jun 2, 2022
Reverse gear engages but it's very sluggish and drags

When the car is engaged on reverse gear it drags and very sluggish

2010 2.0
Posted: Jan 21, 2022
High revs and lack of power .

my 2009 avensis has started losing power also the revs shoot right up when accelerating and changing gear . when it does this it tells me to go up a gear even when im in 6th. When you do get to a ce...

2009 1.8 tourer
Posted: Jan 18, 2022
Not starting+ flooding

Engine cranks will not fire

2004 2 Litre petrolengine
Posted: Oct 22, 2021
Petrol gauge showing full all the time

petrol gauge is showing full while ingnition turned on

2006 1.8
Posted: Oct 4, 2021
Toyota Avensis Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: Anonymous Review
7/ 10

2.0 D4D T Spirit Hatchback. Covered 85k miles since Jan 2004. Averages 55 mpg on motorway and 48 mpg combined driving. Comfortable driving position, slick gearchange and composed roadholding but with lot of road noise and high front tyre wear (15k) especially with original tyres.
Excellent load carrier particularly with rear seats fold flat.
Can be difficult to park as visibility front and rear is restricted.
Unexpectedly only average reliability. Both headlamp units relaced under warranty (melted) and also gas struts for hatchback. Worst of all however, engine management unit failed at 65k (just out of warranty) and was quoted £1,200 to replace (later reduced to £650 as goodwill gesture as always serviced by main dealer) Subsequently strongly advised by Toyota Service manager to take out extended breakdown warranty - and he wasn't in selling mode.

Reviewed by: Paul H
8/ 10

I have owned the car for 3 years and covered over 150k , it has been the most reliable car I have owned
positive points

starts first time every time
No major parts have had to be replaced
passed the MOT first time last 3 years

Uses oil at a rate of 1 ltr per 750 miles (known problem)
engine "pinks " and no one can find the cause !!

Overall , I would buy another one

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There is a possibility that the exhaust gas recirculation cooler could develop an internal coolant leak

Recalled on 31st of May, 2021

Affects builds between May 6, 2015 and May 4, 2018

Incorrect tightening torque was possibly applied during previous injector removal or replacement

Recalled on 25th of February, 2019

Affects builds between May 11, 2015 and Mar 13, 2018

A potential crack could develop in the fuel evaporative emission control unit mounted in the fuel tank

Recalled on 21st of January, 2019

Affects builds between Jan 28, 2008 and Apr 22, 2015

Front passenger air bag inflators containing degraded propellant may result in an inflator rupture

Recalled on 17th of December, 2018

Affects builds between Jan 28, 2003 and Apr 21, 2006

Air bag control module for the supplemental restraint system could be susceptible to internal shorting

Recalled on 17th of December, 2018

Affects builds between Aug 22, 2002 and Apr 24, 2006

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