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Interior clock goes back to 12.00 every time i stop driving

as above clock only works when i turn the car on ,starts to work but when i turn the engine off and restart goes back to 12.00

2006 1.8
Posted: Jun 2, 2022
Reverse gear engages but it's very sluggish and drags

When the car is engaged on reverse gear it drags and very sluggish

2010 2.0
Posted: Jan 21, 2022
High revs and lack of power .

my 2009 avensis has started losing power also the revs shoot right up when accelerating and changing gear . when it does this it tells me to go up a gear even when im in 6th. When you do get to a ce...

2009 1.8 tourer
Posted: Jan 18, 2022
Not starting+ flooding

Engine cranks will not fire

2004 2 Litre petrolengine
Posted: Oct 22, 2021
Petrol gauge showing full all the time

petrol gauge is showing full while ingnition turned on

2006 1.8
Posted: Oct 4, 2021
Car will not start.

Leave the car for a long period say overnight, come to star it the following morning and battery completely dead no power not even to turn the engine just a click noise. Jump start the car and every t...

2006 1794
Posted: Oct 1, 2021
Cylinder number 1 not firing

My cylinder number 1 is not firing. I even sent my engine to local mechanic for engine overhaul but still the problem is still there

2001 2.0
Posted: Jul 11, 2021
Acceleration dies when engine warm.

The car looses power when warm. I had the diagnostics checked and it showed a faulty sensor on the air filter. This was replaced and there were no more faults on the diagnostics checks. I went for a ...

2004 D4d
Posted: Oct 19, 2020
No dashboard light come on when trying to start car and car will not start.

No light on the dashboard or petrol gauge not working and car will not start.

2000 1800
Posted: Sep 17, 2020
Power steering light shows and steering became stiff

My 2004 TOYOTA avensis with electric power steering. The power steering light just showed and the steering became stiff. I was told by a local mechanic that it's a fault from the power steering brain ...

2004 T3s
Posted: Sep 8, 2018
Electric sunroof not working

The tilt mechanism works fine but the slide doesn't - any ideas ? Also, I'm not sure how to access the sunroof mechanism/motor(s) so that I can attempt to investigate

1998 CDX 2.0 Auto
Posted: Jun 12, 2018
Parking brake,

the electric brake is working on an irregular basis, and has to be applied manually. The dealer cannot offer any solution. I have also occaisionaly 2/3 times a month had the power steering warning ...

Posted: Sep 22, 2017
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