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Available as a hatch back and an estate, the Octavia is an award-winning family car with innovative features and generous space.
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P0087 code

Octavia mk2 1z tdi 2.0 Hard start after starting with site acceleration fault code p0087. Replaced Fuel Tank Pump Repla...

2012 Mk2 1z tdi 2.o
Posted: Jun 24, 2021
Fuel Gauge

Car just broke down and won't start. Had a few problems recently. Fuel gauge drops to empty when full after driving for ...

2006 2.0 vrs petrol estate
Posted: Jun 8, 2021
Boot lid filling with water

Noticed that when i open the boot after its rained, i get water dripping from the little clip/studs that hold the door/b...

2015 VRS
Posted: May 17, 2021
Exhaust inspection light illuminated.

Just started car and noticed the light on dash. Apparently its the exhaust inspection system.?? Any clues before it goes...

2015 Vrs 2.0 tdi
Posted: May 5, 2021
Understanding infotainment columbus

The infotainment is very complex and the owners manual is of little help. There is supposed to be a digital manual but ...

2000 not sure
Posted: Mar 31, 2021
Skoda Octavia Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: Desmond Haughey, Belfast

9/ 10

I used to drive BMWs. MY last one was a 1996 520i estate, traded in with 102,000 miles on it, which is exactly the same mileage as my 1993 Skoda Octavia TDi has at present. The difference is that absolutely everything works on the Skoda whereas quite a lot of things (electric windows, computer ) didn't work on the BMW. At 100,000 miles the vanos valve adjuster packed in. No one would attempt to fix it and I had no option but to get a s/h engine installed !! The BMW had more boot space and the suspension was nicer than the Skoda and the four-stroke engine very smooth, but overall the Skoda is the better car. Also, check out the NCAP ratings and the Skoda is argubly the safer car.

Name: Desmond Haughey
Location: Belfast

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

8/ 10

We upgraded from a '03 Octavia diesel estate to an ex-dealership owned '09 Octavia Scout as we had been very pleased with the former but 2 young children were taking their toll of the interior, and strangely enough the Scout had most of the factory fitted options which I had previously told the dealer I would like!
At first we were delighted with the Scout, accepting the slightly poorer fuel economy as a fair trade for all of the extra gadgets and safety features.
Unfortunately since about 3 months after buying it it has been plagued with numerous dashboard warnings and messages to go directly to the service centre. At first the dealer we had bought the car from was very helpful but did not manage to solve the problem, eventually Skoda Assist replaced the exhaust gas pressure sensor, and everything appeared to have settled down and even the fuel economy seemed to improve.
However I was unimpressed when I had to get the car serviced after just over 9000 miles, it should be nearer 20000 and it was not due to it having been driven harshly.
After this service it's fuel economy did not seem as good, and the dashboard warnings are re-appearing, we are still waiting to get this resolved.
All in all I really want to like the Scout, it does everything I need it to and then some, I just wish that we could get these problems sorted out.

Reviewed by: tiss

8/ 10

i have the skoda octavia 2litre tdi estate 140 bhp engine,this car is very quick,with the 6 speed autobox,put your foot down and it sure goes.the car is very comfortable with a good ride qaulity,steering and controls are all exellent loads of room for loading,also good on fual had up to 55mpg on motorway.I bought this car 3 months ago,traded my y reg mondeo 2 0 petrol.i use the car for towing a caravan,and can recomend,hills no bother compared to old car,whitch use to strugle,a better car all round,recomemded.

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