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Knocking at front suspension at low speed

Knocking coming from front end o/s and n/s when going round a corner at very low Speed

2010 1.4petrol
Posted: Oct 16, 2021
Rear screen on Peugeot 207 SW won't lock

Had to change key fob, central locking works but rear screen won't engage the locking mechanism. Have to press down to screen to lock car with fob and central locking

2008 1.6
Posted: Oct 5, 2021
Temperature gauge fluctuating

temperature gauge fluctuating, until it gets up to temperature. then remains steady at 90. but until then it beeps saying engine temp too hot, then goes to zero. last year, when coming up to temperatu...

2007 1.4 petrol
Posted: Oct 1, 2021
Poor starting, air in fuel line

Vehicle somtimes really difficualt to start, either cold or hot when left parked for several hours. Looks like air in the fuel line and not bleeding out. Have replaced fuel filter and was slightly b...

2007 1.4HDI
Posted: Sep 15, 2021
'battery charge or electrical supply faulty'

I drive for approx half a mile, battery warning light comes on and ‘battery charge or electrical supply fault’ flashes onto the display. There is no change to the running of the car and the batter...

2010 1.4
Posted: Jul 21, 2021
Peugeot 207 Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: Kaz74

10/ 10

Wow. I had the Pug 206, and upgraded to it's bigger brother. It's a smooth, comfortable ride with enough space in the boot to get 120l bags of compost in comfortably. The insurance goup isn't too bad (mine's a group 7) and the fuel economy is quiet good (esp, considering it's an auto!) Only "downside" is the road tax - £195 per year....

Reviewed by: MIchael Williams, Anglesey

10/ 10

I had a Ford focus Zetec s before and it was very unreliable and full of water leaks into the cabin. I bought the 207 when it was 3 months old, a 1.4 HDI, what a difference - comfortable quiet and runs on air! The economy is outstanding. Also it's an attractive car and stands out, lots of admirers. Would recommend one without exception

Name: MIchael Williams
Location: Anglesey

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

8/ 10

We once owned the Rover 25. We loved it, sadly we had to exhange it. We now have the Peugeot 207. We recken it is quite like the Rover 25. So we love this too. Except I have to keep topping up the oil. On a new car? The garage replaced the Oil sump seal. It still drips oil from the sump area. I am now told it could be the engine seal. I am also told these are common faults! Other than that our 1.4 engine performs very well and the wife is able to handle it with confidence. We are both 74 years young.

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207 Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Peugeot 207 Recalls

Battery may discharge and/or heated seats may overheat

Recalled on 2nd of June, 2016

Affects builds between May 24, 2007 and Mar 4, 2009

Engine may fail

Recalled on 13th of November, 2012

Affects builds between May 20, 2010 and Jul 8, 2010

Steering may fail

Recalled on 16th of July, 2012

Affects builds between Jan 26, 2012 and Feb 22, 2012

Engine may cut out

Recalled on 27th of April, 2012

Affects builds between Nov 4, 2010 and Apr 28, 2011

Engine may cut out

Recalled on 6th of March, 2012

Affects builds between Nov 4, 2010 and Apr 29, 2011

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