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2012 MGO LDW 442 DCI
May 15, 2016
2005 SE auto
Dec 22, 2011
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Reviewed by: Not given, Not given

10/ 10

Drove the 420 miles from Scotland in one of these,didn't miss a beat and all for £40 petrol

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Reviewed by: str8lolly

10/ 10

Vibrates at idle although to be expected as all the panels are bolt on plastic. A good 50mpg in town driving and reaches a maximum speed of 72mph. Comfy fully reclining seats with central locking. A CVT belt drive system with a 505cc petrol engine. Performs well for city traffic loving traffic jams. Not really a motorway car. But then, great fun on 'A' roads. Seats 4 comfortably if a little short on boot space. Rear seats fold down to give a greater improvement in boot space. An environmentally friendly car. Due to its short wheelbase is an easy park in town. Gears are easy. Push gear lever forward to go forward and back to reverse, could not be simpler. Fuel injection means fuel expense is kept to the minimum. These are a commuter car where they excel.

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