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Saxo Problems By Model Year
Saxo Latest Problems
Rear doors stuck shut, car off road (sorned) over a year

Car has been off road and unused for over a year (Sorned) Both rear doors are stuck shut, but I can reach the controls f...

2000 Forte
Posted: Mar 23, 2021
Windscreen wipers not working

A week ago, the wipers stopped working on the 2 lowest speeds, but still worked on the higher 2. As of yesterday, they n...

2003 Desire
Posted: May 9, 2020
Flashing key light

key light keeps flashing when ign. turned on ,engine won't start battery good. been standing a few weeks tried reversing...

2001 desire auto 1360 cc
Posted: Jun 3, 2016
Leaking coolant

My car has developed a serious coolant leak, it seems to be coming from the coolant reservoir, but I can't identify exa...

2000 Desire
Posted: Nov 12, 2015
Driver door sticking

has anyone else had this problem? When I shut my driver side door either from the inside or outside, it bounces as if th...

2002 1.1 Forte
Posted: Jul 13, 2015
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Saxo Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Citroen Saxo Recalls
Affects builds between Jan 1, 2001 and Feb 28, 2001
Recalled on Aug 8, 2001
Affects builds between Sep 1, 1999 and Oct 31, 1999
Recalled on Feb 1, 2000
Affects SAXO
Recalled on Unknown
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