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Available as a hybrid with a range of up to 31 miles on the electric engine, this SUV from Citroen is claimed to be the most spacious and flexible in its class. There are three individual rear seats which can each slide and fold down, and are incline-adjustable. This means that the boot capacity can be up to a whopping 720 litres... beat that for size!!
C5 Problems By Model Year
C5 Latest Problems
Rear suspension sinking when left for 1/2 hour

The rear suspension starts to sink after about ten minutes of being parked but when engine starts up the rear rises to p...

2011 Exclusive tourer
Posted: Jul 15, 2021
Cant select a gear first lost 2nd then reverse then Nothing. No warning lights and ticks over fine

cant select a gear first lost 2nd then reverse then nothing after hearing and feeling some frictions and grinding in gea...

2009 1.6 HDI
Posted: Jun 8, 2021

the engine turns over then starts and stops won't run can start it with easy start and will continue running all day

2009 2179cc
Posted: Jun 6, 2021
Fluid leaking from Reservoir Cap

Front Suspension won’t rise, Green LDS Fluid leaking through tiny hole in Cap of Reservoir.

2005 2.2 HDi
Posted: Mar 26, 2021
Tyre Deflation Detection

Just had the spare fitted and the deflation system is now not operating (it was OK prior to that) - when pressing the bu...

2008 Auto Estate
Posted: Feb 10, 2021
Citroen C5 Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: Tom Jobling, Victoria/Australia

8/ 10

My 2007 C5 (Hdi-2Ltr twinturbo Diesel) has 48 thou Km on the clock. An excellent vehicle purchased new and loved by the family. Problems-we have some. Electrics seem to be a bit tempremental and the reversing lights simply do not work ($2500 Au. to replace the chasis computer). Towing and general usage make the C5 (Diesel) stand out. I have owned many different vehicles over the years but the C5 is superior to all (including two other 'top of range' vehicles). Complaints? Yes- Citroen is very slow to accept responsibilty for warranty claims and in Australia it can take up to four months to get a response. The dealership I have is first class and responsive to any concerns. This helps a lot with the vehicle.

Name: Tom Jobling
Location: Victoria/Australia

Reviewed by: tanyrallt

8/ 10

2004 vintage 2-litre HDi 110 hp VTR extremely capable and useful vehicle and a joy to drive, particularly compared to its Xantia 1.9 TD predecessor. Internal trim a little spartan but this does not affect comfort in use. I have used car on 8 trips to S. central France as well as many in UK, and its ease when heavily loaded is very welcome. Although the engine has now been superseded by the 1.6 110 hp with even better emission figures, I have still averaged better than 47 mpg on long trips loaded to the gunwales - sometimes well in excess of the rated load. The factors which deny it a 10/10 score are (i) the rear brake calipers exhibit the same design shortcomings as those on the Xantia, needing creative work to straighten them out after 3 years, (ii) the vulnerability of the electrics to seriously wet conditions - like N.Europe - and (iii) the rate at which it wears front tyres. It would not be fair however to blame this car for the points on my licence.

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

10/ 10

Have owned C5 2.2HDi SX Estate for 7 years now purchased new. The most comfortable and reliable car I have ever owned. An absolute pleasure to drive especially with the Hydroactive suspension. Although this model is now a little dated in its style (2002) but the new versions are even nicer.
I am a true Citroen fan (and my wife has the Citroen C-Crosser) which I do get to drive occasionally. Citroen are not only up there with the rest but up there with the best !

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Affects builds between Dec 1, 2014 and Apr 8, 2015
Recalled on Feb 13, 2018
Affects builds between May 15, 2013 and Apr 2, 2017
Recalled on Jul 6, 2017
Affects builds between Apr 26, 2016 and May 2, 2016
Recalled on Jul 20, 2016
Affects builds between Sep 1, 2012 and Jan 2, 2014
Recalled on Dec 8, 2015
Affects builds between Jun 13, 2012 and May 22, 2013
Recalled on Sep 27, 2013
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