Citroen C5 Fuel may leak Recall

Recall affects Citroen C5
Reason for recall: The fuel filter's integrated heater may be defective and could cause the cover to distort. This could cause air ingress and fuel egress. Either could cause poor starting and a warning light should illuminate
When was it announced?
Dec 8, 2015
What action are Citroen taking?
On affected vehicles replace fuel heater cover. Check and if necessary replace connector.
Does this affect your C5?

This issue affects C4 (B7) DS4 C4 PICASSO C5 (X7) DS5 C8 DISPATCH III VAN, this particular recall is for the C5.

VIN Numbers
VF7******CS519265 - VF7******EZ059357
Build Dates
Sep 1, 2012 - Jan 2, 2014

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