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Affects builds between Dec 13, 2006 and Aug 21, 2011
Affects builds between Apr 3, 2000 and Sep 23, 2003
Affects builds between Oct 22, 2018 and Nov 12, 2018
Affects builds between Aug 27, 2009 and Oct 22, 2011
Affects builds between Dec 13, 2006 and Jan 13, 2013
BMW X5 Owner Reviews
Avatar mcfroyce
Joined: 9 years ago | Profile

3/ 10

2003 X5 3.0 D Sport; full BMW history bought Mar 07 from BMW dealer £24750
Great to drive but most unreliable car I've ever had
Faults so far:
Feb 10 rear light unit failed - cost £150
Oct 09 gearbox failed (v common)- cost me £4,000 !!
Jun 09 2 parking sensors failed (v common) cost £250
Sep 08 door mechanism broke (they all do this too) £170
Jul 08 front light unit failed - cost £160
servicing costs £2000 + tyres £800

car worth now £10,000. That's over £22,000 + fuel (26mpg) & insurance for 3 yrs (35,000 miles)

BMW know about the common faults but don't seem to care. When you have to climb into your £25k car thru the passenger door cos the driver's door mechanism has fallen apart you start to wonder about 'ultimate driving machine'

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