Nissan Patrol A non-dessicated passenger airbag inflator was used during previous recall to replace this component Recall

Recall affects Nissan PATROL
Reason for recall: In 2013 Nissan announced a Recall campaign to replace Takata SPI front passenger airbag inflators. A non-dessicated passenger airbag inflator was used for the replacement. Although there have been no known incidents associated with inflators of this type Nissan has decided to replace all inflators previously repaired with a non-dessicated inflator to a new dessicated version.
When was it announced?
Aug 17, 2018
What action are Nissan taking?
Replace the front passenger airbag inflator with a new dessicated type.
Does this affect your Patrol?

This issue affects Navara (D22) Almera (N16) Tino (V10) Patrol (Y61) Terrano (R20) X-TRAIL (T30), this particular recall is for the Patrol.

VIN Numbers
Not provided
Build Dates
Jan 6, 2004 - Dec 24, 2012

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