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Revs drop off at low speed.

When idling in neutral the revs rise and fall without touching the accel pedal. At low speed when moving (below around 1000 rpm in low gear) the revs will suddenly drop, causing a stall. To counteract...

2002 3.0 tdi
Posted: Mar 16, 2008
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Latest Nissan Patrol Recalls

A non-dessicated passenger airbag inflator was used during previous recall to replace this component

Recalled on 17th of August, 2018

Affects builds between Jan 6, 2004 and Dec 24, 2012

Replace airbag inflators checked but not replaced under previous recall r/2015/093

Recalled on 11th of December, 2017

Affects builds between Jan 6, 2004 and Dec 24, 2012

Airbag may fail

Recalled on 26th of June, 2017

Affects builds between Aug 25, 2001 and Aug 31, 2001

Passenger side airbag may fail to deploy correctly

Recalled on 16th of November, 2015

Affects builds between Jan 6, 2004 and Mar 30, 2007

Engine may stall

Recalled on 4th of November, 2013

Affects builds between Aug 25, 2006 and Nov 28, 2009

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