Ford Focus Side and/or knee airbag may fail to deploy in a collision Recall

Recall affects Ford FOCUS
What is the recall for?
The airbag initiator may be defective and may prevent the side airbag(s) and/or knee airbag deploying in the event of an accident. In a collision the airbags not deploying could put the occupants at further risk.
When was it announced?
Sep 4, 2017
What action are Ford taking?
Recall the 1943 vehicles that are likely to be affected to check and where necessary replace the side and knee protection airbags complete with initiators.
Does this affect your Focus?

This issue affects Kuga Focus CMAX, this particular recall is for the Focus.

VIN Numbers
Not provided
Build Dates
Jul 18, 2016 - Nov 28, 2016

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