Mercedes Benz C Class Engine may stall Recall

Recall affects Mercedes Benz C CLASS
Reason for recall: It is possible on certain petrol (gasoline) vehicles that the mounting hooks for the jet pump may not have been manufactured to specification. The jet pump is mounted on top of the fuel delivery module in the fuel tank and if the mounting hooks were to fail it will result in the jet pump detaching from the module and a possible fall in fuel pressure. This fall in fuel pressure could either result in the engine not starting or in worst cases causing the engine to cut out or stall. This could affect the drivers ability to control the vehicle.
When was it announced?
May 19, 2015
What action are Mercedes Benz taking?
Recall all likely to be affected vehicles to install an additional clip to the jet pump.
Does this affect your C Class?

This issue affects C-Class, this particular recall is for the C Class.

VIN Numbers
WDD2052422F053067 - WDD2052422F053074
Build Dates
Mar 1, 2014 - Aug 31, 2014

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