Citroen DS3 Directional control may be affected Recall

Recall affects Citroen DS3
Reason for recall: It is possible that the front subframe and suspension wishbones mounting bolts may not have been torqued to the correct specification. This could result in the mounting bolt working loose and falling from the vehicle plus the possibility of the insecurity of the subframe or the front suspension wishbone. This can cause an issue with the handling or even loss of control of the vehicle.
When was it announced?
Mar 13, 2015
What action are Citroen taking?
Recall all affected vehicles to check and retorque the front subframe and suspension wishbone mounting bolts.
Does this affect your DS3?

This issue affects C3 & DS3, this particular recall is for the DS3.

VIN Numbers
VF7******EW695269 - VF7******EW695821
Build Dates
Dec 3, 2014 - Dec 3, 2014

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