Ford Focus Fire may occur Recall

Recall affects Ford FOCUS
Reason for recall: Engineering investigations have identified that vehicles operated in countries which have high road salt usage during winter months may experience an increased risk of corrosion build up. In extreme cases the corrosion can propagate into the electronic circuits and result in overheating. In rare cases the overheating may be sufficient to ignite the module and surrounding wiring and components.
When was it announced?
Jul 9, 2014
What action are Ford taking?
A supplemental wiring loom that removes the power supply to the fan control module when the ignition is switched off is required to be fitted to affected vehicles. An additional water shield must also be fitted to protect the module against water entry and corrosion build up.
Does this affect your Focus?

This issue affects Focus and C-Max, this particular recall is for the Focus.

VIN Numbers
Build Dates
Jun 1, 2006 - Apr 10, 2007

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