Ford Focus Possibility of fire Recall

Recall affects Ford FOCUS
Reason for recall: It has been identified that a batch of vehicles converted by SVP have been fitted with a split charging system the relays of which may not be to specification and could subsequently fail. This can result in wiring loom damage and the possibility of a fire.
When was it announced?
Apr 28, 2010
What action are Ford taking?
Whereas the converter has approached 89 customers and supplied revised parts. It is proposed that Ford will contact the owners of the outstanding vehicles to emphasise the importance of end users contacting the convertor thus ensuring that the remaining vehicles are reworked.
Does this affect your Focus?

This issue affects Focus and Transit Connect with SVP split charge conversion, this particular recall is for the Focus.

VIN Numbers
Not provided
Build Dates
Sep 1, 2006 - Oct 31, 2007

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