Vauxhall Corsa Water ingress into abs wiring may cause a short circuit and a fire Recall

Recall affects Vauxhall CORSA
Reason for recall: It has been identified that the above vehicles could be affected by moisture ingress at the ABS connector. The moisture can enter through the ground wiring connection which can lead to the ABS not functioning correctly overheating within the connector and in extreme cases a fire.
When was it announced?
Mar 22, 2006
What action are Vauxhall taking?
Recalled vehicles will have the ABS harness plug checked for moisture ingress and where necessary the wiring harness and control unit will be replaced. In all other cases the ground cable will be secured against ingress of moisture by soldering the cable sockets and applying shrink tubes.
Does this affect your Corsa?

This issue affects CORSA C COMBO C AND TIGRA B, this particular recall is for the Corsa.

VIN Numbers
*********44000009 - *********54330240
Build Dates
Not provided

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