Lpg not working

2003 Volvo S60 bi-fuel
Car: Volvo S60
Year: 2003
Variant: bi-fuel
Categories: Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
car starts on petrol and switches over to gas as it should, after running on gas for about half an hour or so the lpg side of things stops working and the engine cuts out i have to then switch back to petrol which the car is happy to do and proceed on petrol only, after the car has stood for a while (at least an hour) it then will run on gas again without a problem but again for about half an hour before failing again, any ideas ??
Problem added: Mar 21, 2008 (16 years ago)
sounds like you have a pulsoid relay problem take it to the nearest lpg gas convertors to have the problem resolved
Answered Mar 25, 2008 (16 years ago)

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